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Or so they say. This is only the beginning


The goal of The Billion Dollar Homepage is simple, bring 1 million+ websites together here to share whatever they want. The ultimate goal is to reach one billion sites.


This site is open to everything & everyone, new sites, old sites, complex & simple sites. This is an area where everyone has an equal opportunity to share what they wish.


The Billion Dollar Homepage is planning to achieve this goal within a 10 year span, deadline is October 2024. Between now and then, we plan on hitting that target, through you! We need you to make this possible. That is why we, The Billion Dollar Homepage is offering a space for 10 years composed of 400 pixels blocks (40x40 pixels) for only 25 cents.


Yes 25¢!! What can you buy with 25 cents? A gum ball from the candy machine? A very small banana maybe? The point is with 25 cents you cannot do much with it. Here you have the opportunity to really get the most bang for your 25 cents and share it with the world where it will pay off in the long-term.


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